If you’re wondering if you can have a roof installation completed in NC during the winter you found the right place for answers.

As we near December in Winston Salem NC most of us plan on staying under one roof as much as possible. We definitely don’t plan on being on top of it.

But there’s a common question I hear as a Winston Salem roofing professional around this time of year:

Can you have a roof installation completed in the winter in Winston Salem, NC? This is an important thing to know especially if you have a roof that leaks sometimes.

The short answer (surprisingly, for most of my clients) is: absolutely.

Roof installations might be reserved for the warmer months in other areas, but here in North Carolina we—and our weather—do things a little differently. Here’s why roof installations aren’t recommended in winter…and why professional roofing specialists across North Carolina know that rule doesn’t apply here.

Roof replacement costs can vary greatly depending on the type of materials you use. You can find more info on Winston Salem roof installation costs here.

The Risks of Winter Roof Installation In Winston Salem North Carolina

The reason so many local homeowners assume roof installations can’t be done in winter is based on logic: it’s icy, wet, and windy on the roof in winter.

That’s a real consideration for roofing contractors in other parts of the US.

Fortunately, as our local Winston Salem homeowners know, our climate marches to the beat of its own drum. We average only 6 inches of snow in a year, and the temperature very rarely drops below 40 degrees during the day.

In short, we’re living the dream!

There are other practical reasons for avoiding winter roof replacements, too:

“It’s hard obtaining an appropriate substrate in NC Piedmont Triad winters.”

Your new roofing needs to be installed on a clean, bare, prepared deck—and an icy, wet deck definitely isn’t that. Alongside the reduced performance and impact on the longevity of your roof, labor costs are likely to increase when your roofing contractor spends more time preparing the substrate.

Roofing contractors in Winston Salem NC say:

“Because of our warm and temperate climate, the chance of ice forming anywhere on your home is low. On top of that, our team of roofing installation experts will typically remove the roof and prepare the substrate in the morning, and install the new materials in the afternoon when the weather heats up—meaning your roofing is applied over a strong substrate.”

“It’s dangerous for our team.”

Every professional roofing company should factor in the level of risk to their team when providing roofing service. Team morale is vital in a business—just as it is in any family—and no leader wants to send their crew out to shovel snow and break the ice on a high pitched roof.

Some potential roof installation hazards could be:

  • Slip hazards. Moisture—rain, ice, snow, etc.—making the slope of your roof slippery to navigate
  • Wind hazards. Strong winds interfering with roofing materials, blowing tree and plant debris onto the roof, or impacting vision and hearing
  • Restrictive winter gear. The requirement for a winter jacket, wet-weather gear, boots, gloves, etc. can add an extra 15-20 pounds to your roofing contractors’ load and severely restrict movement

Winston Salem NC Roofing Professionals say:

“Strong winds and rain can be an issue in our local area, and we can plan around that to deliver the best results for your roof. It’s no reason to delay a much-needed roof replacement until summer, though!

Without ice and snow, our team can maneuver around your roof space unhindered. We very rarely require the use of waterproof gear, which gives us more freedom to move around and get your roofing project done right.”

“Winter affects our materials.”

This is absolutely true. Roofing professionals rely on a strong understanding of the roofing solutions, materials, and equipment we use. We need to know how those materials behave in winter—and how we should alter our techniques to suit that.

Here are a few examples of how extreme cold can impact your roofing materials:

  • Asphalt shingle may lose flexibility
  • Weather resistance may drop in shingles
  • Roofing contractors can have difficulty cutting shingle to size
  • Increased risk of overdriving
  • Self-sealant adhesive strips may not self-activate

Professional Roofing Contractors Performing Roof Installations in Winston Salem say:

“A professional roofing contractor will know the manufacturer’s ideal temperature range for their products, and can expertly apply roofing cement to the shingles for a strong, professional roofing finish in the coldest temperatures.

Likewise, if it ever gets too cold in Winston Salem, some expert roofing contractors—like yours truly—will switch to hand nailing your shingles to deliver a better, more resilient finish.”

“Nobody makes roof installation appointments in winter.”

This might be true for the chillier parts of the country, where roofing specialists schedule their own vacation time to coincide with a temporary decline in work. This can make it harder for homeowners to organize an urgent roof installation, and in turn—drive up costs.

Roofing contractors in Winston Salem say:

“Here in Winston Salem roofing contractors stay consistently active throughout the year. We take our work seriously, and aim to deliver a professional, premium roofing service at a fair and competitive price—whatever the season.”

Pro Tip:

“If your preferred roofing contractor is scheduled weeks—or months—in advance, arrange scheduled inspections. This way, your roofing professional will know what your roof requires, and can factor it into their scheduling.”


Can you have a roof installation completed during the winter? Absolutely, but there’s a catch: we only recommend it for Winston Salem homeowners and businesses.

Grace Roofing specializes in managing a professional roof installation from start to finish—and the Winston Salem climate lets us deliver that level of service throughout the year. We specialize in steep roofs and flat roofs as well as residential and commercial.

If you’re ready for a roof installation, but not sure when is a good time—call me and my team. A strong roof installation is better for your home, safer for your family, and a strong investment in your future. Grace Roofing and Construction will make sure it’s done right.

Did you know we also offer roof financing? Talk to our Winston Salem roofing experts—we’ll keep you covered!