Flat Roof Leak Repair Cost and Causes Of Flat Roof Leaks In Winston-Salem NC


Wondering what the flat roof leak repair cost looks like in Winston Salem, NC? Continue reading to find out!

If you have a flat roof, you’ve probably had to deal with leaks at some point. If you haven’t you are very fortunate. We hate to say it, but you should probably start saving to make replacements and repairs when you do get a leak. Flat roofs give water more time to sit and find even the smallest openings, while sloped roofs quickly direct water off the roof and into the gutter systems. 

This article will inform you of the costs of flat roof leak repair and more!


Flat Roof Leak Repair Cost


Flat roofs are commonly used on contemporary style homes or commercial buildings. Since there is little to no slope or pitch on a flat roof, they require more maintenance. They tend to develop issues relatively quickly and require repairs every few years. The most common issue with flat roofs is leaking. 

On average most homeowners will pay around $300 to $1,100 for a flat roof leak repair. But, it really just depends on the size and condition of the leak. Down below are the different categories of flat roof leak repair costs. 



AVERAGE RANGE: $200 – $1,000



You should inspect your roof at least one time each year. Flat roofs are generally easier to walk on and inspect compared to pitched roofs.

To prevent more damage from being done, always have fissures and small cracks sealed as soon as you can. Doing this will also prevent you from having to get a full roof replacement. Have large leaks checked by a professional to make sure you aren’t dealing with an even bigger issue. Small cracks can usually be sealed with a roof sealant. 

Having a professional repair your roof can extend its service life by at least 3-5 years. However, in some cases, trying to fix a leaking membrane can be pointless and a complete waste of money. A lot of times, water damage, along with other issues may be the reason for poor maintenance, poor installation, or just old age of the roof.  


Signs Your Flat Roof Needs A Repair

The first sign that your flat roof needs a repair is normally water leaking inside your home. However, there are other subtle signs that precede this. These include things like…

  • Water stains on the underside of your roof deck
  • Mold or mildew in your attic 
  • Visible cracks in your attic 
  • Bowing or creasing of your roof material
  • Small puddles of water on your roof 


PERSISTENT LEAKING ISSUES– A leaky ceiling can easily disturb your daily routine. The leakage starts when moisture penetrates through the ceiling and cap sheet. As this continues to happen and the roof becomes more and more saturated, water can drip into your home. It is actually common for roofs to develop leaks and damp spots. 

DAMAGED FLASHING– Flashing is the metal around things like your chimney and air conditioner that prevents the entry of moisture/water. Improperly installed flashing can eventually lead up to leaks in your ceiling. It is smart to check the flashing around these areas and see if you notice any rust, bending, or detaching. In most cases, new flashing can cost anywhere from $200 to $500.  If you discover any of these things happening be sure to immediately call a professional flat roof repair expert or that small leak will turn into a complete disaster.

CRACKED TAR– Shrinkage of tar over time can cause a roof to shrink and develop cracks. This causes protrusion and expansion of joints in your roof. Furthermore, climatic conditions like freezing and thawing eventually cause the roof to leak. Notice any cracks in the tar? This is where the majority of flat roof leaks start. Call a local Winston-Salem roofing contractor to reseal any cracked tar to stop any existing leaks.

Issues like the ones listed above are signs that your flat roof needs repair. To minimize the price in your flat roof leak repair cost call a professional flat roof inspector to take a look at the damage. Once that is complete schedule a day to have them repair it and get your flat roof back into its original condition. 


Flat Roof Leak Repair vs Replacement 


FLAT ROOF LIFE SPAN: 10 to 15 years on average

If you have had your flat roof for as long as 10 years and it needs repairs, you may find it is more cost-effective to replace your flat roof now rather than repair and replace it in a few years. 

So, if your flat roof needs extensive repairs or has damage in many areas, replacing the roof will probably be your best bet. A full flat roof replacement will cost around 7,500 on average. If you haven’t had your roof for longer than 10 years and it only has a couple of issues, it would be better to repair it and get the most out of your roof. 


Flat Roof Leak Repair Cost Of Improvements And Enhancements


ROOF SEALANT– The majority of flat roofs need to be sealed to prevent standing water issues. Your roof will more than likely be sealed when installed, but it can be resealed if necessary. The cost of having your roof sealed on average is $200. 

LEAF GUARD– Having a leaf guard installed around your roof drainage systems and gutters will help prevent debris and ponding. The costs of a gutter guard system that covers the entirety of your gutters will cost around $1,900. 


If you are having a leakage in your flat roof you should call a flat roof repair expert. Keep in mind the average flat roof leak repair cost is around $500. The cost will depend on how bad the leak is. To minimize the cost make sure you schedule a roof inspection soon once you discover the leak to prevent the possibility of having to get a roof replacement. 

The expert team at Grace Roofing and Construction will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. If you are in need of a professional flat roofer contact us today! You can trust that a reputable roofing company won’t leave you in danger. We’ll secure damage to your roofing in the short-term, to protect you from significant issues in the future.