Standing Seam Metal Roof vs Corrugated Metal Roofs in Winston Salem, NC: Pros and Cons

It is important to know what you are working with when choosing between standing seam roof panels and corrugated metal roofing systems. It is easy to choose which system you would want based on the individual aesthetics and panel profile of the two metal roof options. Standing seam metal roofing panels can be used for wall systems as metal walls and metal wall panels and they can be used on roof pitches like a flat roof where asphalt shingles wouldn’t work. The roof cost for metal roofing or metal shingles is greater vs shingle roofs.

Metal roofs come in many colors and can be compared by the color chart or by using a color visualizer. Although they may both make good choices for many building types, it is good to know the pros and cons of each type of roofing and the cost and pros of both before you make your purchase of either roofing product you can also seek customer testimonials to see which would be better for you. When you need a locally owned Winston Salem standing seam metal roofing contractor for metal roofing installations or roof leak repairs we specialize in all types of metal roofing.

After reading this article, you will know:

  1. The pros and cons of standing seam roof systems
  2. The pros and cons in corrugated metal types of roofing
  3. Which metal roof panels are the best decision for you

Winston Salem, NC Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panels

You may be wondering, “What are standing seam metal roofing panel systems?” Here is your answer. A standing seam systems roof is known as a concealed fastener metal roofing panels that have vertical legs. In between the two legs, there is a broad, flat panel. The roof can also be described as having vertical legs, or raised seams, that go up above the level of the flat panel’s area. Standing seam systems are considered more of a high-quality choice in roof options.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Pros: Winston-Salem Homeowners Should Know

HIDDEN FASTENERS AREN’T VISIBLE– One of the biggest benefits of standing seam metal roofs is that on the surface of the roof the fasteners are not visible. This means the fasteners will not be exposed to moisture, UV, wind, and other things that can cause the fasteners to wear off over time. The Standing seam also doesn’t leave holes in the panels that protect your home. Also, some people see the fastener heads not aesthetically pleasing so they choose standing seam to cover them.

BULKIER AND THICKER– Standing seam roofs require the least maintenance out of all roofing systems. Since the fasteners do not force there way into the surface of the standing seam, you do not have to check for loose or damaged fasteners as much. Standing seam manufacturers produce the ridges individually. They do require some sort of joist reinforcement, but these roofs are very thick and can withstand multiple hailstorms without suffering any damage. The thickness of standing seam roofs will only leave you with minor dents from a single hailstorm. Standing seam metal roofing details and are more durable as well. Since the standing seam roof is thick it will effectively improve the lifespan of your roof.

WARRANTIES– Another safeguard with standing-seam roofs are warranties. Reputable manufacturers offer weathertight warranties. These warranties guarantee that the roofing system will not fail or leak during certain weather conditions when roof installations are completed by reputable roofing contractors. If the roof does, the manufacturer is responsible for fixing the issue. Keep in mind that normally most weathertight warranties are only provided for commercial projects.

THERMAL MOVEMENT ALLOWED– Restricting the contraction and expansion needed for the right thermal movement in the metal panels can just cause more problems such as:

  • Oil Canning
  • Fastener Withdrawal
  • Increased Noise

If installed properly, the standing seam panels are not double pinned. This allows expansion and contraction. On average, a standing seam roof will last for 50 plus years.

MODERN, SLEEK LOOK– Standing seam roofs are being used a lot more in architectural applications because of the clean look the roof has. You can choose from many different colors in the metal to match any structure you’d like.

DIFFERENT MOUNTING OPTIONS– Another pro to having a standing seam roof is the option to mount things like:

  • Solar Panels
  • Snow Retention Systems
  • Swamp Coolers

Along with other rooftop additions you may want to make, without making holes on the surface of the roof or penetrating it.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Cons: Winston Salem Homeowners Should Know

MORE PRICEY– A significant drawback to these roofs is the fact that they are more expensive compared to corrugated metal roofing systems and others. It costs $6-$10 dollars per square foot. Meaning that the cost of a full standing seam roof system will be $6,000 – $10,000.

NOT MANY QUALIFIED CONTRACTORS– When it comes to finding experienced Winston Salem standing seam metal roofing contractors that are qualified, skilled, and experienced is difficult. Standing seam systems require careful craftsmanship. Since the placement of these roofs can be considered tedious or too complicated there are not a lot of contractors with a proven track record and experience

REPAIRs AND REPLACEMENTS ARE HARDER– When this roof is damaged or any other issues occur with a panel it can be tough to efficiently replace. The process is even harder with systems that are mechanically seamed.

Winston Salem, NC Exposed Fastening Metal Roof

Exposed fastening metal roofing is known as a roofing system where the panels are fastened straight through the surface of the structure and they go directly into the framing below it. The panels are lapped over each other and the fastener goes all the way through both pieces of metal and is covered by a seam. The reason it is called the “exposed fastener roofing system” is because of the head of the fastener is not hidden by a seam and is completely visible.

This metal roofing panel system is typically used on:

  • Residential Applications
  • Structural, Industrial
  • Metal Wall Panels
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Metal Wall Panels
  • Agricultural buildings

Exposed Fastening Metal Roof Pros: Winston Salem Homeowners Should Know

NOT AS PRICEY– One thing that is beneficial to corrugated roof systems is that they are less expensive. Some reasons they are less expensive include:

  • Wide Panels
  • Lower quality paint systems
  • Not as many accessories you can purchase
  • Gauge panels are thinner

LASTS LONG– Depending on the installation quality, an exposed screw roofing panel can last 15-25 years. They withstand weather pretty well, especially when the system is installed correctly. There also aren’t many broad, flat places on the panels which reduce oil canning visibility.


Unlike standing seam, corrugated panel systems have more local Winston Salem metal roofing contractors available and most are experienced with the right tools to install this system. This metal roofing system is easier to install, meaning most contractors who install roofs will already have the skill and tools needed to install this. Installing a metal roof still requires the skill of course, but it doesn’t require the same as a standing seam.

UNIQUE LOOK– Corrugated metal roofing gives off a more “traditional look”. You may see these roofs on buildings like:

  • Rural regions that contain a lot of barns
  • Silos
  • Geographic areas

DO-IT-YOURSELF PROJECT OPPORTUNITIES– Since this roofing system is easier to install more building owners have the opportunity to install it themselves.

Exposed Fastening Metal Roof Cons: Winston Salem Homeowners Should Know

MULTIPLE PENETRATIONS IN ROOF– Since exposed fastener roofs will have many screws and fasteners in it to hold the panels down. This can result in many penetration issues like water penetration and leaking. In fact, leaks are most common in this type of roofing system.

ISSUES WITH FASTENERS– Some issues you can encounter with fasteners are:

  • Fastener withdrawal
  • UV degradation
  • Incorrect fastener installation

MORE MAINTENANCE– A corrugated roofing system requires more maintenance than a standing seam metal roof this can include:

  • Cleaning out drains and gutters
  • Cleaning dirt, mildew, and stains and other things off the surface
  • Removing sticks or debris
  • Checking for scratches, scuffs, fading, chalking, and flaking
  • Checking each fastener and replacing the ones in poor condition
  • Making sure the foam closures are still in good condition
  • Making sure lapped spots are still in good condition where they won’t leak

ISN’T SLEEK LOOKING– The fastener heads will show in these roofs which gives the system a more bumpy look instead of sleek and smooth.

DOESN’T CONTAIN WEATHER-TIGHT WARRANTIES– Putting a lot of holes in a roof makes it harder for manufacturers to put a warrant on the system. There is no known company to have a warranty on screw-down metal roofing systems.


Which metal roofing system should you choose?

Exposed fastener and standing seam roofs both have their pros and cons. It is up to you to figure out which roofing system is best for you.

Keep in mind that exposed fastener metal roofs give you a lower price point, DIY project opportunities, traditional look, performs well.

Standing seam metal roofs are more pricey, gives off a sleek look, weather-tight warranties, thermal movement space, no penetration in panels.

Here at Grace Roofing, it is our job to help answer the questions you have and help make sure you make the right decision as you go through choosing which roofing system which is best for you! We source our metal from Central States in Mt. Airy because we know they manufacture a quality product that we can stand behind. We are also thoroughly trained on the latest installation techniques with both standing seam metal and corrugated metal roofing.

If your in need of a Winston Salem standing seam metal roofing contractor who is experienced in both systems and who can help you decide which roofing system is best for your specific roofing project call the standing seam metal roofing pros at Grace Roofing And Construction for superior service and free metal roofing estimates.