Here’s the top 5 benefits of proper roof maintenance It’s a fact of life for homeowners that we don’t think about our roof unless something goes wrong with it.

Our roof protects our home from the elements, keeps the heat in and the cold out keeps us dry, and helps keep our family healthy. Not to mention a well-maintained roof gives our home impressive curb appeal. But for 99.9% of our roof’s lifespan—which can easily be 20+ years—we take it for granted.

Here at Grace Roofing and Construction, we know the benefits of roof repairs and proper roof maintenance in High Point, NC. We know how maintaining your roof can be one of the best things you can do for your home, your family, and your wallet.

If water is coming into your home, or you’re noticing damp and drafts indoors, the bad news is that some damage has already been done. The good news is: a reliable, professional roofing company can stop the issue from escalating and repair the damage. From there, regular inspections will keep you protected and safeguard your home for the future.

Here are the top 5 ways regular roofing inspections and timely repairs protect your little piece of paradise.

1. Roof Repairs And Maintenance Make Your Roof Last Longer

As High Point homeowners ourselves, we know how important it is to save money where we can. Roofing is a major investment, and we can save considerable money by extending the life of the roof we’ve got. Your roof could last you 20 years if you maintain and care for it properly.

So how does a regular roof repair and maintenance schedule help make your roof last longer?

  • By minimizing wear and tear
  • By recognizing weak spots and treating them quickly
  • By identifying areas that could cause problems in the future, and checking them regularly

Should you do it yourself Or call a local trusted roofing contractor?

Both! Just remember safety first! If you don’t have the equipment to get up and about on your roof safely, a High Point roofing specialist—like yours truly—can do it all for you.

2. Scheduled Visits From Your Local Roofer Keeps Your Roof Clear

Your roof can be a bit of a catch-all for the High Point area’s flora and fauna. It’s not unusual for the wind to blow seeds onto your roof, and many of those will take root in your gutters and in between your roofing tiles if you give them a chance.

If you conduct semi-regular roofing maintenance, you’ll be able to clear away the unwanted vegetation before it grows and pushes apart your tiles—which damages the shield between your home and the elements. Greenery growing in your gutters weighs them down, damaging your home’s structure.

Even without unwanted forests growing on your roof, a build-up of debris can clog up the tracks in your roof and cause water to become trapped.

Try it myself or call an expert?

Getting into the habit of clearing your gutters and checking your roof is a great way to stay busy on a Sunday—especially as North Carolina homeowners get ready for the temperature to drop. Clearing out your gutters before and after rain, and doing a cursory check on your roof can go a long way to protecting your roofing.

3. Roof Maintenance Helps You Spot Issues Before They Become Problems

As the High Point community waves goodbye to summer, the biggest causes of roof damage are strong winds and falling trees. But your roofing can sustain all types of damage, gradually weakening its structural integrity. Repairing mild issues in your roofing means problems are eliminated before they cause costly damage to your biggest investment.

DIY Or Call A Trusted Roofing Company Near Me?

Roofing specialists have the expertise needed to identify and repair issues with your roof. Although some homeowners might feel like calling in an expert is costly, we believe it’s a small price to pay for ultimate peace of mind and protection. Regular roof inspections are considerably more affordable than a total roof replacement in the long-term.

4. Roof Maintenance Eliminates Moisture Damage

Identifying areas of moisture on your roof and in the roof cavity make it easier for a professional roofing contractor to properly repair and dry the area. Removing moisture from inside your home, and making sure your roof is in a good condition to stop moisture getting in, are pivotal in keeping your home safe and dry for your family.

Moisture in the home is an ideal breeding ground for mold. Mold is one of the biggest causes of illness in our homes. That’s because mold spores get into the body and inflame our airways. Over time, this can make us feel like we have a persistent cold or flu, stuffy nose, tight chest, and sore throat. Mold is so dangerous for our families that the World Health Organisation puts 300 million cases of childhood asthma down to indoor mold and damp.

Scheduling regular roofing maintenance with a roofing specialist is the key to keeping damp from getting a hold in your home. There are steps local homeowners can take to stop mold from growing, though:

  • Keep your attic free from clutter so air can circulate and you can spot water damage
  • Act quickly when you find a leaky pipe or appliance
  • Replace or repair rusted pipes
  • Open windows on sunny days to allow air to circulate through your home
  • Contact a mold remediation service if you suspect a mold problem in your home

5. Roof Maintenance Protects Your Warranty; Insurance

Often, premium roofing manufacturers offer the highest level of warranty on their products. In order for the warranty to be effective, homeowners need to do their part, too. This usually involved regular maintenance and roofing upkeep.

The same is the case for many insurance policies. As a homeowner, it’s vital that you understand the terms of your policy and ensure your roofing maintenance aligns with that.

Scheduling a local roofing professional to carry out regular maintenance on your roof is simple. Especially if you live in the Piedmont Triad and High Point areas. Our roofing experts can tailor a maintenance plan that suits your needs and gives you—and your insurance company—peace of mind.


Maintaining your roof saves you from the long-term expense of a total roof replacement. But more than that, regular roof maintenance is the key to safeguarding your home against damp and water damage, damaged guttering, mold, and leaks.

Most importantly, taking care of your roof allows your roof to take care of you and your family.

Ready to create a tailored roof maintenance plan in High Point, NC? Grace Roofing; Construction has your roof covered!