A leaky roof vent isn’t just annoying to any High Point, NC homeowner, but finding a professional High Point NC roofing repair company shouldn’t be.

They threaten your home, your property, your belongings, and cause devastating stress to you and your family. A leaking roof vent may seem harmless early on, but don’t be fooled. Over time, the water dripping through the vent will leach into the paint and plaster, bubbling and expanding, and providing an ideal breeding ground for harmful mold.

Many of our clients call us in when they notice the ceiling paint around their roof vent darkening or the strange swelling in the ceiling—and by this point, considerable damage has already been done.

We’re not saying this to scare you—although we know how scary a leaky roof vent can feel for local homeowners. We’re telling you because it’s crucial to act fast if you want to minimize costs and avoid dangerous mold spores breeding and spreading through your home.

We’ve been sharing the simple solution to leaky roof vents with our clients across the High Point area—and now we’re spreading the word.

Here are our tips on how to fix a leaky roof vent for High Point, NC homeowners—and the great news is: they work for homeowners everywhere (we’re just a little biased!).

Step 1. The Leaky Roof Pre-emptive Strike

Our preventive tips can help you head leaky roof vents off at the pass, by preventing them from leaking in the first place. At the very least, they’ll allow you to spot the problem early, and neutralize it before it can threaten your investment or your family’s health.

  • Check the weather. Temperatures are dropping, winds are rising, and the weather is generally getting wetter. At the start of a new season, calling in a professional roofing specialist to do a roofing inspection is a great way to identify structural issues or damage to your roof. Getting problems squared away before a heavy rainstorm gives you a head-start in the battle against leaky roof vents.
  • Maintenance. There are several projects that you can do yourself—if you’re a keen DIYer. Otherwise, call in a reliable roofing contractor to do these tasks for you and keep your roof weather-proofed:
    • Check your attic for leaks and damage
    • Check the roof for warped, damaged, or missing shingles
    • Clear debris from gutters
    • Clear vegetation from the roof itself—this can grow in wet weather, force shingles apart, and cause water to become trapped on your roof instead of flowing into the gutters
    • Cut back tree branches that hang over your roof and gutters
  • Check your warranties and insurance. One of the biggest issues many of our clients face when dealing with leaky roof vents is dealing with warranty terms and insurance coverage. Partnering with a roofing contractor who can help with the insurance process is a great first step—but we believe knowledge is power for our clients. Understanding what you’re covered for—and how to stay covered—puts you in a more confident position from the start.

Step 2. High Point, We Have A Leaky Roof Problem

So you’ve found a leak. It might be obvious—you can see the water dripping down—or it may be hidden. In the latter case, you may be following signs of water damage to track down the leak anywhere around the roof vent. The most common place to find a leak around a roof vent is in the seal, but it may also be along the vent pipe.

Here are the steps you can take to mitigate the problem and head it off before it spreads through your home.

  • Safety first! There’s a reason we encourage local homeowners to call us as soon as they find a leaky roof: we’re qualified to put ourselves in harm’s way to protect your home. No repair job is worth risking your safety and wellbeing, so we encourage you to call a professional. They can carry out the work safely and carefully, even in unfavorable High Point weather conditions. At the height of a sweltering summer’s day, in the depths of winter, and everything in between—your expert roofing contractor is trained and equipped to do the job right. If you are confident that you have the knowledge and hardware to do the job, be sure you can carry it out safely—and always have someone there to spot you.
  • Identify. Take note of every part of your home affected by the leak. These could include:
    • Staining on the ceiling around the vent
    • Dark spots
    • Bubbling in the ceiling
    • Swelling of the insulation
    • Rusting around the vent
    • Mold
    • Damaged shingles
    • Peeling sealant
  • Stop the drip. Your short-term goal should be to stop more water from damaging your home until you’ve got a long-term repair plan in place:
    • Lay down towels or use what you have available to remove excess water.
    • Wipe down damp spots with towels.
    • Put down a container to catch drips.
    • If the leak is in a vent pipe, tie a towel around it as a short-term solution to catch the water coming through.
    •  If you can safely do so, run a dehumidifier to dry out the area.
  • Assess the damage. Your next step will be to assess the damage:
    • Has water seeped into the wood structure of your home? Is it likely to rot?
    • What hardware needs to be replaced? This could be a cracked vent pipe, a split rubber boot, or damaged roofing products.
    • If the roof vent itself is damaged, there’s usually no other fix but a total vent replacement. Depending on the type of vent you need, this could range from an extremely affordable $55 to just under $900.

Step 3. Call In The Experts

Calling in a roof repair specialist experienced in fixing a leaky roof—like Grace Roofing and Construction for homeowners in the High Point, NC area—is a smart solution to a leaky roof problem. We can take the stress out of the situation for you, and deliver a total roofing repair service that keeps you and your property safe. For ultimate peace of mind and a fair, competitive quote, a professional roofing contractor can do the job when it gets too big for a DIY pro.

Need help with a leaky roof right now? Call Grace Roofing and Construction for our A+ BBB rated service—we’ll have you and your roof covered in no time.