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If you are looking for an article on metal roof leak repair, then you’re at the right place! Aluminum and steel roofs are great roofs for homes. Roofs like this reflect sunlight, making them energy efficient. Metal roofs do not require much maintenance. These roofs are strong enough to resist hail and wind damage. Having the knowledge of how to repair a leaking roof will save you so much money.

The methods for fixing a leaking metal roof depend on the source of the leak. Repairing a metal roof leak is quite easy even if you don’t have a lot of experience with roofs. Continue to read this article if you would like to know how to solve a leak in a metal roof.

Steps Guaranteed To Help You Successfully Perform A Metal Roof Leak Repair On Your Own

Before you attempt to fix the leak, you need to know what tools are necessary to get the job done.

Tools you will need for a metal roof leak repair:

  • Nail bar and hammer
  • Extension ladder
  • Cordless drill with a screw-tip attachment
  • Urethane roof cement
  • Wire brush
  • Paintbrush
  • Plastic putty knife
  • Metal-roofing base coat

To know how to fix a metal roof leak, you need to cover the basic equipment. If you have a tool belt, you can easily carry these small tools around in it. Doing this can save time and strength since you have the tools in a small accessible area. Overall this makes the job easier for you.

Carefully Navigate Your Roof To Find Your Metal Roof Leak Repair

You will need to use your extension ladder to get onto the roof. Before you go up the ladder, take a look at your boots and clear them of any dust, rocks, or other abrasives that can damage your metal. When you get onto the roof be sure to not step between rows of nails. Step on the nail rows and tread lightly. Doing this will prevent your metal panels from bend damage.

To efficiently navigate on your roof, identify areas where the panels rest on underlying battens or decking. These will support the panels and prevent any bending.

Locate The Source Of Your Metal Roof Leak Repair

To successfully perform a metal roof leak repair, you have to be able to locate the leak. One of the first signs of a leaking roof is punctured holes. Debris and rusting can cause metal roofs to grow weaker and contract. You will need to take notes of any holes or panels that have slid down due to contraction and expansion.

Look around for missing screws and missing material. Inspect the edges and periphery of the roof for these things. Be sure to check the seam transition points. These are where one panel connects to the other panels on the roof. Check if there are any gaps between them.

Remove and Replace Screws To Fix A Metal Roof Leak Repair

If you come across any loose screws or rusty nails, remove/loosen them with the nail bar. Once you remove a screw replace it with a 1 ½ inch aluminum screw nail. Use the hammer to drive the screw nail into the panel. Do this until all loose screws and rusty nails are replaced.

If you are having trouble removing any rusty nails, don’t try and force them out. Instead, use the cordless drill with a screw drill bit and create a hole. After this is done, drive a 1-inch galvanized steel screw to secure that section. This will help you avoid further nail rusting and loosening.

How to Deal With Gaps That Warrant A Metal Roof Leak Repair

Many contractors will tell clients to get rid of a metal roof that is damaged or loosened. Of course, a ⅛ inch gap is enough to cause severe damage to a metal roof. However, you can deal with gaps just by cleaning off debris and rust on the surface of the panels.

The metal-roofing base coat helps prevent water from flowing into the gaps. Apply a single layer of the base coat. Then you will need to cover it with glass-membrane fabric (cut it to size). This prepares the gap urethane cement.

Re-Apply Roof Cement For A Temporary Metal Roof Leak Repair

Before applying roof cement, you need to make sure you found all damaged sealants. Also, make sure you have applied the metal roofing base coat and the glass membrane fabric roof patch. Now everything is screwed in tightly and each gap is prepared for better sealing. Since this is done you can now apply urethane cement to seal the leaks.

Apply a coat of cement over the whole area. An extension of 6 inches is good enough to secure the holes and gaps.
Now you are done! Only 6 steps to perform a successful metal roof leak repair.

Average Metal Roof Leak Repair Service Costs In High Point, NC

Performing a metal roof leak repair on your own can be difficult, depending on the source of the leak. If you can’t fix the metal roof leak on your own, then you may need to save up to get professional service. On average, most contractors will charge around $616- $1,865. They can also be as much as you paid for each square foot of your roof (about $7-$12 per square foot).

Contractors will inspect the surface of your metal roof. They will look for leaks in the valleys, leaks in the ridges of the material, and protrusions. Even if you had your roof installed by professionals, small mistakes can lead to leaks from packed ice during the winter seasons or overflowed gutters.

After the inspection, contractors will if sealants were efficiently applied onto the panels. If they weren’t they will remove the panel, re-apply the sealant, and reinstall your roof. Things like this will cause the price the go up.

So, if you are able to perform a metal roof leak repair on your own it will save you a lot of time and money!


These steps will help you effectively seal off any holes, gaps, or punctures that may be in your roof. However, to properly repair your leaking roof you must have the right materials listed above. It is also a good idea to consult with a contractor to see if your roof is viable for repair or if you need a full roof replacement or restoration.

It is our job at Grace Roofing and Construction to answer any questions you may have about metal roof leak repairs and to be there when you’re in need of an expert roof leak repair company! Our professional team has been taking care of local residential roof leak repairs for over a decade. Contact us today to get a free inspection of your metal roof.