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Why Choose Grace Roofing And Constuction LLC For Your Project? Here Are A Few Reasons To Consider Us For Your Next Roofing Project

No Sub Contractors All Work Completed By In House Crews

Meticulous Clean Up And Attention To Detail

Going The Extra Mile On Every Job We Do Big Or Small

A 5 Star Reputation Of Superior Customer Service

Welcome to Grace Roofing and Construction, A Local NC Piedmont Triad Roofing Company

Grace Roofing and Construction Is A smart choice to care for your roofing services.

Grace Roofing and Construction is a local roofing company NC Triad homeowners have come to trust and depend on for quality workmanship. We were incorporated in 2015 in Tobaccoville, NC. We may be a newly incorporated roofing company, but we’re committed to delivering the best roofing services to our community, every time. Because at the end of the day this is our home, too!

Local homeowners in the Piedmont choose us because we work hard to deliver a professional, attentive service, and workmanship that is second to none, on every job.

As a small, family-owned business, we’re in a fortunate position.

We’re big enough to take on any job: from a commercial roofing installation to replacing a single damaged shingle tile on a residential home.

At the same time, and more importantly, we’ve stayed small enough to care about every relationship we build!

Offering the best in roofing services across the Triad is a responsibility we take seriously. As local homeowners ourselves, we know what works for our climate, and we know how to use first-class roofing solutions to deliver the best results.

We also know what we’d expect from a local roofing company—and our standards are high. Follow the link to see what 5 questions most contractors hope homeowners don’t ask them before signing a contract.

Local NC Triad Roofing Services

24 Hours A Day - 7 Days A Week

100% New Roof Financing For NC Triad Homeowners

We’re working hard to deliver a roofing and construction service across Winston-Salem, High-Point, and Greensboro that honors our ethics—and our values. These are the values that influence every aspect of what we do, and how we conduct business. It helps us join the ranks among the best Piedmont Triad Roofing Contractors.

Grace Roofing And Construction LLC Your Preferred Roofing Contractor

  • We are committed to using only premium, guaranteed materials from our trusted suppliers and manufacturers in the roofing industry. We are also an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. This allows us to give our clients total peace of mind when working with Grace Roofing LLC.
  • We are A+ rated with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). For our clients, this means you can trust us to deliver top-notch service and quality workmanship for all clients. From minor roof repairs to full commercial roofing installations.
  • We offer an industry-leading 10-year workmanship warranty on all new roof installations. We will communicate clearly and professionally and always work on behalf of our clients, their homes, and their businesses.
  • And our pricing is always fair and competitive and comparative to the average costs in our area.
  • The NC Triad is our home, and it’s important to us that we earn the trust and respect of our local community. We plan on being here to serve our local communities’ roofing needs for years to come.
  • When you expect the most from your local Triad roofing contractor, you can count on Grace Roofing to serve you. When it comes to roofing, we pride ourselves on being big enough to take on the most challenging projects, and small enough to care about the smallest project. Get in touch with our friendly team to see how we can meet your needs today.

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A Professional Roofing Company – Grace Roofing And Construction LLC

Services We Offer

Free Roof Inspections

Roof inspections can be a little overwhelming for new homeowners. We get it—and our team of roofing experts is here to put your mind at ease.

Inspections don’t need to be daunting. We offer a painless, professional, informative inspection process that helps local homeowners and businesses to understand the care your roofing needs. We’re committed to working with integrity—we don’t scare you into doing work that your roof doesn’t need.

Ultimately, our team’s goal is to increase the lifespan of your roof. We can help your roof to fulfill its role—to protect your home, minimize energy costs, and look good. And we help it to do that for as long as possible.

Local homeowners and businesses across the NC Piedmont count on our team to do just that. We know we’re saving you money in the long run—and reducing your future stress levels, too. Our roofing professionals are trained to carry out a detailed, accurate, expert roof inspection that helps our clients protect their investment. Contact us today and we’ll show you how to get the best out of your roofing.

Grace Roofing And Construction LLC  Offers Commercial Roofing Services

Our people at Grace Roofing and Construction believe in supporting local business. Only a local company can understand our very unique trends, culture, and North Carolina conditions. We also respect the importance of keeping local dollars in our community, to keep our economy growing.

You can trust us to stick by your business for the life of your roofing and beyond—we don’t leave our community high and dry. We’ve been proudly serving businesses in the NC Piedmont Triad with the best of commercial roofing for decades now, and we’re prepared for a few more decades to come.

Our commercial clients choose us when they need a professional, expert service in:

  1. Commercial flat roof repair
  2. Commercial metal roof repair
  3. Commercial roof replacement and installation—with our industry-leading 10-year workmanship warranty
  4. An extensive range of additional services. Seamless guttering, siding, skylight installation, and flashing services.

When you expect the best in commercial roofing at a fair and competitive price, Grace Roofing and Construction are just a call away.

Grace Roofing And Construction LLC  Is A Residential Roofing Contractor

Our Winston Salem roofing company professionals have been keeping local homes covered for longer than we’ve officially been in business. Our success—and the success of the roofing we repair, replace, and install—sends a clear message:

We are committed to excellence.

Your roof is a major investment in your home. It may even be the biggest investment you make in your home in your lifetime. This is why we believe all our clients need to demand the best. Get the most out of your roofing investment by choosing our team at Grace Roofing and Construction for:

  • Residential roof repairs
  • Residential roof replacements
  • Residential roof installations—backed by our 10-year workmanship warranty
  • Free roofing estimates across the greater NC Triad
  • Fair and competitive pricing
  • An A+ BBB rating so our clients know we take our business seriously
  • An attentive eye to detail and the confidence to stand behind our work

Metal Roofing Contractor

Metal roofing is trending across North Carolina in 2020—and we’re not at all surprised.

Standing seam metal roofs offer excellent energy efficiency. They are is resilient, durable, and offer enough color options to suit the look and style of your home.

Metal roofing—both standing seam and corrugated metal—are some of the most labor-intensive, technically demanding roofing types on the market. They need a local roofing contractor with experience. As one of the more expensive roofing options available, it becomes doubly important that you get it done right the first time. As your trusted Piedmont Triad metal roofing company. We can help you with:

  • Standing seam and corrugated metal roof repairs
  • Standing seam and corrugated metal roof replacements
  • Metal roof installations—including our 10-year workmanship warranty
  • Free roofing estimates across Winston-Salem
  • CertainTeed certification
  • Strong, professional relationships with premium metal roofing suppliers and manufacturers
  • Trust us to be your experts in handling, installing, and repairing metal roofing to the highest industry standards.

Flat Roof Repair And Installation

Low slope roofing systems are an extremely durable option for commercial and residential properties. When they’re exposed to the unique weather conditions we experience here in the Piedmont Triad area, they withstand torrential rain, intense UV exposure, and extreme temperatures. Flat roofing can be an ideal option for businesses and homeowners wanting to future-proof their property.

Originally only used in industrial and commercial properties, flat roofing is gaining popularity in the residential sector. If you’ve got a new build in mind and are looking for a way to maximize on space, or to embrace the green roof trend, ask our people at Grace Roofing and Construction if flat roofing is a viable option for you.

Our Local Triad roofing company has extensive experience in the two most durable and effective flat roofing solutions for homeowners in the NC Piedmont Triad area:

EPDM Roofing Repairs And Installations

EPDM—Ethylene Propylene Diene-Terpolymer—roofing is a single-ply membrane that gets laid over your low slope roof. Essentially, it forms a ‘skin’ over your roof.

EPDM is most commonly available in black or white, and a variety of roll widths. The key benefits to EPDM roofing are:

  • Low maintenance materials and minimal repair requirements
  • EPDM roofing can last from 20 to 50 years, depending on its level of UV resistance
  • EPDM products can withstand up to 300°F temperatures in some tests.
  • Energy efficiency. EPDM is breathable, keeps your building cooler in summer, and reduces heating costs in winter.
  • EPDM membranes are 100% recyclable. Only 1% of the materials used in installing and fastening EPDM membranes will end up in landfill.

TPO Roofing Repairs And Installations

TPO—Thermoplastic Polyolefin—roofing makes up over 30% of the commercial roofing market in 2020. Thanks to its economical pricing, energy efficiency, and resilience, it should continue to see major growth as we go forward.

TPO roofing is made up of a thermoplastic polyolefin base, a polyester fabric center (or scrim), and a top layer of thermoplastic polyolefin. If you picture it as a rubber sandwich, you wouldn’t be far off.

Our clients choose TPO for their flat roofing when they need:

  1. A solution with an excellent fire rating
  2. TPO roofing can last over 30 years.
  3. Energy efficiency. TPO reflects UV rays, meaning it reflects heat and lowers your summer cooling bill.

NC Triad Roof Replacement Professionals

Sadly, the day will come when maintenance and repairs are not enough to keep your roof performing at its peak.

When that day comes, we are here to see you through every step of the roof replacement process. Getting in touch with the experts in Winston-Salem roof replacement—that’s us!—means we can quickly and accurately help you develop a roof replacement plan that works.

When it comes to replacing your roof, we believe our client’s priorities should be:

  • Excellent energy efficiency to minimize ongoing energy costs
  • Premium materials with manufacturer warranties that offer peace of mind
  • Expert workmanship that uses the materials to the best advantage
  • Reliable, friendly, and professional service that helps you to feel comfortable
  • Competitive, fair pricing that gets results. Roof replacement need not be exorbitantly priced—in fact, we’ve got the average roof replacement costs right here.

Contact Us Today

Grace Roofing and Construction can be on site for a roof replacement estimate within 24 hours most times.

And if your roof replacement needs come out of nowhere, our emergency response team can be with you fast—24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Storm damage, water damage, anything that threatens your home…we can get it covered. As one of the best local roofing companies in the Piedmont Triad, we promise to be there when you need us.

Reliable And Affordable Local NC Roofers

When professionalism, expertise, and integrity matter to you, call us first. We take pride in the fact that we’re big enough to rise to the most challenging project, and small enough to get to know our clients.

For premium workmanship and a 10-year warranty to back it up, you can be confident when you partner with us. As one of the top roofing companies in the Triad, we work hard for local businesses and homeowners.

Storm Damage Restoration Roofing Specialists Serving Winston-Salem NC Free Roof Repair Estimates